Illinois Concealed Carry classes and outdoor shooting in the winter months

Posted by:; Yesterday, December 8th was our first range qualification while it was snowing! It was a balmy 22 degrees as we began our qualification, with a few flakes coming down but not anything serious. The shooting portion was under cover but for those standing back a ways waiting their turn, they were catching a bit of it. As usual, we tried to get everyone through as quickly as possible, but Mr. Murphy stepped in and his law definitely applied! Trying to load magazines and cycle slides with heavy gloves on just doesn’t work well. As the students noticed, gloves got bound up in slides, double feeds were plentiful if you didn’t pull the slide all the way back, etc. etc. When you think about these problems though, these are “real world” issues that in a climate like Chicago’s in the winter, you need to learn to overcome. Further training is always in order whether you are talking about drawing from your CCW holster, practicing at the range or as was found out, operating your gun in the cold. Are the bad guys going to stay home because it’s cold? Maybe yes, maybe no. We all need to be ready, was yesterday uncomfortable? Yes it was but only for about an hour, and I hope when the students think about it, they will realize that the cold was a lesson in and of itself. All in all, it was another great class with another great group of people, Thank you to all those who attended our Illinois Concealed Carry class, we hope to see you again, keep in touch we are always on Facebook. Keep training, don’t stop, this wasn’t a one and done, this was the beginning of your CCW training journey.