Illinois State Police Live scan Fingerprint Vendor Agency List

At this time concerning fingerprints the ISP website says;

“The ISP will make applications available to the public by January 5, 2014. The ISP intends to have applications available via the ISP webpage. Additional information regarding the application and fingerprinting process will be added to this website at the time applications are made available.”

It is being said that the prints must be taken within 30 days of the application but the ISP site does not actually state this. It is suggested that you do wait until they publish directions as said above before you get your prints.

Also you don’t have to submit fingerprints if you don’t want to, the ISP says that If fingerprints are not submitted the ISP is granted an additional 30 days to complete a manual background check……..As you know if you have ever waited on a FOID card, 30 days may turn into ??????

 The Illinois State Police has been notified that the following companies have been licensed by or have applied for licensure to the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation as fingerprinting service providers. Please contact the vendor directly to obtain any information regarding the products and services they provide.

Note: Vendor information lists the corporate headquarters address. Please contact each vendor for information regarding service locations.

Find list of Illinois State Police “Live Scan” fingerprint vendors here!