Great course. Covered all the basics and much, much more. Would recommend to all interested firearm owners, whether experienced or novice. Instructors were great – helpfull in all ways.-Linda H., Feb 2014

I am not an avid handgun shooter, ie target etc. The instructors went through the proper way to hold (a handgun) and aim at a target. I am now able to practice & perfect my handgun safety, cleaning, and shooting. The class was long but time flew by as they did a Great Job with presenting valuable information. Great Job!! -Thomas, Feb 2014

Instructors knowledgeable and able to impart the info in a way that a newbie (such as myself) would understand. They were especially helpful with my qualification, it was my first time ever shooting a gun. -Linda A., Feb 2014

Excellent thorough instructors. Good balance of pros & cons. Information burned on DVD with all our info to make application process easy is a nice touch. -Jim, Jan 2014

I thought this class was excellent! I learned so much and the instructors were very knolwedagble and patient. I would recommend this class for sure. -Mary, Jan 2014

I was so worried about passsing the shooting part of the course & between the class instructors and the calm encouragment on the range, I even impressed myself with how I shot. -Lisa, Jan 2014

Very informative and well taught class. Went over the basics and then some. I would recdommend this class to friends and family. -Ryan, Jan 2014

Information was covered thoroughly and kept interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will recommend it. -Hubert, Jan 2014

Large range of topices, very thorough. Kept attention easily. Informative class for a new firearm user. Would recommend to friends. -Kevin, Jan 2014

The class was very informative & well taught. The instructors were very helpful, giving direction & advice when needed. I would recomment this class to anyone interested in getting their IL Concealed Carry License. -Mary, Jan 2014

Great instructors. They take the time for each individual, and show great concern for each participant. State and federal laws were covered well with time for questions. Gun safety was always stressed. -James, Jan 2014

The class was very interesting and engaging. I learned a lot that will help me. Thank you! -Linda, Jan 2014

The instructors present the material in a thorough and informative manner, yet make in interesting. I would highly recommend ALL CCW to my family and friends! -David, Jan 2014

Fantastic Class – All questions answered concisely, printed material was very helpfull, availability of training weapons provided real world exercise. -Shaun, Jan 2014

I was very satisfied with all the information I received, and I did learn a lot of things about guns and laws, very informative, good instructors. -Thomas, Jan 2014

Tim was very thorough, did a very good job of explaining things. Showed lots of patience. Glad I signed up. Very informative. -Mike, Jan 2014

My first formal instruction on firearms. I think it was a very proffesional/worthwhile course. Using the training during qualifying, I shot a well centered, consitant group that surprised me, I recommend this course highly. -Tim, Jan 2014

Instruction was presented in a very proffesional manner, and very informative. All instructors were great. I really enjoyed the course and instruction. -Irving, Jan 2014

Excellent Course & Instructors. I will definatley be looking for mor opportunities to learn and train with ALL CCW. -Michael, Jan 2014

Course Instructors very knowledgable on all topics. I like that they have had specific training not only in the law, but the advanced skills in firearms handling and tactics. -Jason, Jan 2014

I’ve taken a few different classes from different instructors and was impressed with the information and professionalism of ALL CCW and their instructors.-Michael, Dec 2013

Very professional and knowledgable. Enjoyed the class and experience to further my education regarding personal protection.-Kevin, Dec 2013

Very good class, covers all CC info, very clear.-Mervin, Dec 2013

Both Instructors very informative. Tim & Glenn cover course from two different perspectives. Great job!-Gerald, Dec 2013

Tim & Glenn made you feel comfortable from the minute you come into the room. They are very knowledgable about the laws and tactics to be used. I would recomment them to friends, family, or anyone else for that matter.-Matt, Dec 2013

I am not a hunter, expert shooter, or have been brought up or near these environments. I was a little apprehensive in considering this course since it also included a qualification portion (shooting). However, Tim and Glenn were very informative during the course and I feel well prepared in having a grasp on my right as a Concealed and Carry person. I would recommend this course to people regardless of exposure to guns and shooting.-Judy, Dec 2013

The Concealed Carry class was taught in a very professional manner. Tim was extremely thorough with the context of the course day! Both Glenn & Tim did a great job covering the laws, gun handling and were very helpful to all participants at the range.-Jim, Dec 2013

Instructor (s) was very clear on the law and on safe gun handling. The class was informative and interesting. I enjoyed the class very much! Thank you for all the information and making me feel more confident to protect myself and my family.-Danny, Dec 2013

Great class! Instructors had tremendous knowledge, feel great confidence now with the use & handling of my firearm!-Bill, Dec 2013

Great course, Expert instructors, NO shortcuts, You learn the right way.-Ed, Dec 2013

This course was excellent, it was a pleasure to attend. The instructors were will versed in their chosen field. I would recomend this course to anyone who is interested in Concealed Carry in Illinois.-Walt, Dec 2013

Very informative course. Tim & Jeff made information easy to learn and combined legal and practical information relative to IL CC. Instructors were very helpful…..–Chuck, Nov 2013

Course is very informative. Instructors are very competent and professional.–Gary, Peotone IL, Nov 2013

Excellent class for everyone even if you don’t intend to carry concealed. I learned so much from Tim & Jeff. They are thorough from start to finish and they keep you engaged in the classroom & on the firing range. Their experience & expertise is evident and they are willing to share their knowledge.–Phyllis, Manteno IL, Nov 2013

Nice guys, very helpful, knowledgeable, class is well laid out and at a smooth pace, good price, would recommend.–BJ, Nov 2013

Instructors were great, Filled with lots of good information, Improved my aiming 100%, Provide a lot of into on the CCW and FOID laws, Great Job Guys!!!–Kirk, Manhattan IL, Nov 2013

Great class! Tim and Jeff work well together, lots of info given and explained. At the range everything was orderly and very well done. On a personal note, I could not have had two better class instructors!–Anthony, Peotone IL, Nov 2013

I really enjoyed the class , you made it interesting and informative. I was never bored in class, I appreciate all the work you do with the setup and bringing all  you bring to the class. thank you again!–Dan, Nov 2013

Instructors were very knowledgeable and have years of expert experience to back it up! Very thorough and detailed explanations from basic safety, shooting fundamentals to details of law.–Sarah, Nov 2013

I took the Utah course through another company and I feel I got better training from ALL CCW. Also ALL CCW kept the class size small enough to make sure everyone got the attention they needed.-Wes, Nov 2013

Very informational course. I learned more in 16 hours than I’ve learned in all the years of handling guns. All instructors are very knowledgeable and treat everyone with respect no matter what skill level. I will recommend these instructors to other students. Can’t thank them enough!.-Tim W, Nov 2013

Very informative as it should be. They work to keep you involved!-Robert, Nov 2013

Excellent course! Jeff and Tim are fantastic instructors. I especially appreciate how they each teach from experiences in the field. Their experience teaches both basics and intense tactical situations. 16 hours flew by. I love how they continually encourage practice and muscle memory & the enormous responsibility in carrying!-Laura, Nov 2013

Tim, you and your partners, Jeff and Glenn were all so knowledgeable about everything. Each of you had a different perspective that made us stop and think. Cannot thank you all enough for sharing your skill and for the patience you showed.–Dianne, Oct 2013

I thought the class went really well and take every opportunity to tell friends and family all about it.-Don, Oct 2013

The needed information was presented in a straight forward professional format. The instructors are friendly and approachable to answer personal questions. A good value for the money.–Alan, Joliet IL, Oct 2013

This class was very informative and good humor was used, which is why it was enjoyable. This is a great way to show citizen responsibility and become sure of yourself.–Andrea, Oct 2013

Great Job! Good information.–Marty, Oct 2013