IGOLD, Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day

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For those of you who’ve never heard of or been to IGOLD your really missing something. The first Wednesday of March every year IGOLD is an “In-Your-Face” celebration down in Springfield where we proclaim to every single elected official in the sate that WE are gun owners and WE will not go quietly into the night. We expect to be counted and recognized and our voices heard. We are all lobbiests for the day. last year there were 5,500 (last year there was some questionable weather) of us, in 2012 over 7,000! Join us as we talk to our elected officials and suggest what we expect of them. We’re polite and respectful but forcfull in our request to use their vote to support Hunters and gun owners in the state. If they are firmly on our side, we thank them for their dedication and tireless efforts in protecting our rights. For too long the few have stood up for the rest of the state, 5.500? that’s only about .3% of the FOID card holders in the state. You owe it to yourself and future generations of gun owners in the state of Illinois to go to IGOLD and add your voice to the effort. It’s free to attend, it just takes a day off from work, can’t you dedicate one vacation day to help? Your voice does count, one more person does matter!