• Getting Proper Instruction

    Let ALL CCW provide the training required by the Illinois State Police for your license application. Our State certified Instructors teach the State required 16 hour course using our State ceritfied curriculum. Do you have a training credit that could reduce your time to 12 or 8 hours? See the training credits link on your registration page!

    Getting Proper Instruction
  • Training and Practice

    Once you’ve completed you initial Training, Practice isn’t an option. Yes you want to exercise your right to Conceal Carry, but you need to be serious and practice! How are you going to carry? Select a holster, select your holster location, then get in front of a mirror, and practice! If you don’t practice, drawing your firearm won’t become “muscle memory”. Until you’re prepared to draw and fire your firearm in a very fast manor, exercising your concealed carry right may not be in your best interests!

    Training and Practice
  • Where and how will you carry?

    Let us propose some options and help you decide. We go through 14 of the most recognized types/locations of holsters. Pocket holster? Shoulder holster? Paddle holster? Purse holster? Let us explain the various options, discuss the pros and cons of each and help you decide on what may be best for your circumstance!

    Where and how will you carry?
  • Take charge, prepare!

    The bad guys are out there! Take charge, prepare! It’s always best to stay away from confrontation, but when you can’t run will you be prepared? First and foremost, learn how to stay away from bad situations. You never want to put yourself in harm’s way just because you are carrying concealed! Putting an Illinois Concealed Carry card in your pocket does not give you super powers, it simply gives a final means of defending yourself when there is no other way out and you are honestly in fear for your life.

    Take charge, prepare!

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I thought your course was excellent and covered everything required to make me a responsible CCW holder…-Mark, Manteno

Excellent and thorough instructors. Good balance of pros & cons. Information burned on DVD with all our info to make application process easy is a nice touch. -Jim R.

Instructors are knowledgeable and able to impart the info in a way that a newbie (such as myself) would understand. They were especially helpful with my qualification, it was my first time ever shooting a gun. -Linda A.

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Deciding to carry a firearm concealed is a big step, one that takes serious thought. It’s not as simple as just “Strapping on” a gun, you need to understand how your firearm works, how to use it safely, and you need to be proficient in its use.

Safety in teaching is our primary focus. By taking your Concealed Carry training with us, you should rest assured that we will not cut any corners or rush through the required training.

Whether your goal is to obtain your Illinois permit or others such as non-resident Utah, Florida or Arizona, let ALL CCW start you down the right path.

Let our state certified instructors provide you with the knowledge required to get you one step closer to your goal.


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